Polar explorers Dixie Dansercoer and Julie Brown present their motivational speeches to audiences ranging from adolescent seekers to corporate leaders. Their content incorporates the use of Pole expeditions as metaphor.

The Master Musicians of Joujouka are legendary Sufi trance masters from North Morocco. Their first album was produced in 1968 by Rolling Stones
founder and lead guitarist Brian Jones.
Frank Rynne, became fascinated with their music and journeyed to Morocco in 1994, where he recorded the musicians in the village over a period of two months.
I photographed Frank Rynne as a boy at Arklow pier in 1979.

Written for people looking for information with meaning, L’Alpe is the first review devoted to the many cultures and heritages of Alpine Europe.

When you touch her, it's just your hand, exploring the surface of her skin. Goose-flesh & callous fingers wouldn't even notice her flesh creep & if she would, you'd just look up & motion her to stop & she would try to fall asleep again but your hand wouldn't let her.
Peter Lenaerts... much more than a family member, creative with songs, photography, ideas and a dedicated sound designer for the dance performances of Mette Ingvartsen.